About Us


What are dreams?

Dreams are images that whisper. Few will know how to listen.
Rosalba Tonarelli is one of those few. –

At first, Rosalba’s dreams wove a precise yet whispered tale.

The thread of a conversation that spoke of sophistication, accuracy, tradition and tailoring and that was composed according to the rules of Made in Italy.

Made in Italy, then as now for ROSALBA, is not a label or a trend, but a conviction rooted in her tireless passion for high craftsmanship.

That train of thought began to be felt in 1980 at number 25 in Via Sant’Andrea in Milan’s historic ROSALBA boutique.

At the time, it was dedicated to children and infants. Pieces were created with mothers and tailored to their needs, and embroidered by skilled and attentive hands; always marked by Rosalba’s sensitive versatility and purposeful willingness.

From that dialogue always shared with customers and woven with the thread of dreams, could only born unique, original and delightful: true fables to wear.

ROSALBA TODAY: Today, Rosalba’s embroidered Dreams have become a spacious atelier in via Gesù