Made In Italy Factory

Rosalba is the inspirational soul of a product where Made in Italy quality is guaranteed by �handmade and custom made�.

Her know-how, developed in tailoring, but also developed in the industrial area, allows creating garments of every kind for newborns and kids, boys and girls.

Easy-to-wear sportswear items alternate with important, well-made garments made of precious materials. Ski technical clothing, leather outerwear, cashmere knitwear, fleece wear, outfits for a client�le accustomed to something exclusive.

All Made in Italy.

Rosalba provides great fashion brands with her more than thirty years of experience, realizing for them entire collections for �kids� up to the age of sixteen.

The production process takes place exclusively in Italian factories and laboratories where the creations are made by meticulous and expert hands (from research, to design, to the finished product, from prototype, to samples up to production).

Attention to detail and the careful selection of quality raw materials are what make the product a guarantee of exclusivity.